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Dr. Gomez MD PA uses the innovative Astanza ReSmooth laser technology to remove all unwanted hair in Homestead, Florida. This state-of-the-art laser is used by leading physicians and hair removal practices around the world and is backed by Astanza, the world’s leader in laser technology for aesthetic procedures.

The ReSmooth delivers more power and better results than any other hair removal laser on the market. Featuring dual wavelengths, 810 nm and 940 nm, the ReSmooth is the superior solution for treating the deepest hair follicles – no matter your hair color or skin type. Other hair removal lasers are unable to treat darker skin types and fair hair colors, while our ReSmooth offers optimal outcomes for every combination of hair and skin type, even patients with tanned skin.

Furthermore, our ReSmooth features an industry-leading 9.1cm² spot size. This large spot size gives us the ability to perform treatments faster than ever, with no downtime! Treatments on popular large areas such as the legs, back, and chest typically take 15 to 30 minutes but can be completed in as little as 4 minutes with our ReSmooth laser. This cutting-edge technology even uses an interchangeable small handpiece tip for accurate treatment of smaller areas like the face, bikini strip, knuckles, and more.

Best of all, our ReSmooth handpiece is designed with an integrated cooling system that helps cool the skin before and during each treatment pulse. This feature helps to alleviate the skin and provide a more comfortable experience for each treatment. The integrated cooling system helps prevent thermal damage and overheating of the skin, making treatment safer for all skin types, especially darker skin types.

Dr. Gomez MD PA uses the safest protocols to ensure you receive long-lasting, smooth, hairless skin. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation!

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